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Metal business card or plastic business card

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Nowadays more and more people print their own fashion business card, there are two main type cards on marketing,Metal business card and plastic business card. both card are great.

You will seen more person paying attention to how a business card looks and if you want possible client to call you, your card must be easy to remember so that it won’t be just a card in his stack, but a really good one that he will want to see again. That’s why the people are using the plastic business cards. Still, it isn’t enough for a card to be made of plastic just to be remembered, it also needs to have a really good and intelligent design that should transmit professionalism to the business card receiver.

do not underestimate the facility of full color custom business cards. While black print on a white card is standard, suppose regarding adding a minimum of a color logo or even a full color picture within the background. The more color, the more expensive, so pick a format that suits your needs.

There are many types of business cards. One of them is the Metal business card, which is also becoming so popular. Metal business cards available in three thicknesses, these cards are carved from cosmetic grade, rolled stainless steel. The art production capabilities allow to cut through the steel with incredible precision and to etch the metal surface with bespoke fonts and graphics. A lot of designers don’t think much about promoting themselves and end up having posted a really good business card only on their portfolios.

choose a good shape for your card, any form you’ll imagine is possible. Do you own a pizzeria? Consider pizza formed business cards. You have got a pet-based business? Build your business cards in the shape of dogs and cats. Remember that custom shapes are often expensive, however the impression will be well worth the expense.

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